Liverpool’s Early Help Pre-Assessment Tool

Consent notes

By submitting this form you are confirming that the child/young person/parent has given verbal agreement to receive support and you have informed them that this pre-EHAT may be used to demonstrate that Early Help has been offered if asked for during inspections (eg Ofsted, Audit).               

You should advise parents that they will be asked for consent to share information with other services or agencies during the Early Help Assessment itself, and a signature will be required at that stage.

It should be made clear that where there are concerns about risk of harm or abuse, any professional working with the family has a responsibility to follow Liverpool Children Safeguarding Partnership procedures, and working together guidelines in order to protect the welfare of children.

Before you can complete this form you must confirm that you have gained consent for the following; if you have not gained consent for all the below we cannot proceed with this application.


Information shared in this Pre-EHAT will enable partner services to work together to support the family because they have agreed to accept this support and consent to share information between agencies will be obtained as part of the EHAT process


Have you explained this to the parent/child/young person?


You cannot submit this application unless you have explained this to the parent/child/young person

Have they agreed to accept support?


You cannot submit this application unless you have explained this to the parent/child/young person

Parent Carer details
Parent details

Use the Lookup Postcode button to find the address.

If you cannot find the address, please enter it manually

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Will an interpreter be required

Childrens details
Child details

Does the child attend a nursery, school or centre?

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Are there any other services supporting the family?

Which of the following affect adults or children with the family (please tick all that apply)

Summary of your concerns

Describe the needs you have identified, and where they fit with Liverpool’s Levels of Need Framework. Summarise the issues you have identified, these can be recorded in more detail in at the Early Help Assessment. 

Concerns about child/ren

If there is more than one child in the family, be specific about which child/ren you have concerns about.

Concerns about Parents/ Carers:
Family and Environmental Factors:
Summarise your concerns affecting the well-being of the child: Family history and functioning, wider family issues, young carer(s) housing, employment, income, social integration, community resources. Indicate the level of need.
Additional Service/Support Needed

Completing this pre-assessment tool indicates that family/child(ren) will benefit from the support of multi-agency services.

Do you know which Service/Agency will be able to provide the support needed?

Will you make contact with the service/agency to provide support?

Do you want the Early Help Coordinator to make contact with relevant services/agencies to ensure appropriate support is offered?

Before you submit this form please review your answers below. If you need to change anything, use the 'previous' button on the bottom left to go back to a section. Then submit the form by selecting the 'Submit button' at the bottom of this page